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5 scary statistics about fire safety and how to deal with them

31 Oct, 2019

Fire safety is a non-negotiable workplace necessity, yet we often take it for granted.

Fire and Safety Australia released five shocking statistics you may not know about fire safety in Australian workplaces and buildings. To help ease your mind, here’s how to deal with these issues and ensure your facility remains safe in the event of a fire emergency:

1. Less than half of building occupants feel confident about their building’s evacuation plan 

Emergency evacuation plans are custom-designed strategies that consider all the risks to your business, helping keep your premises safe in an emergency. Remember: a strong emergency evacuation plan can mean the difference between safety and danger. Here are some of the key signs you need to rethink your emergency evacuation plan.

2.Less than half of building occupants feel confident in their ability to use a fire extinguisher;

3. Less than half of people end up using fire extinguishers incorrectly

These issues come down to training. After all, there’s not much point in having fire equipment on your premises if you’re not confident that your staff are able to use it. Training often means the difference between putting out a blaze quickly and letting it spread out of control and wreak havoc. Here’s a guide to fire equipment training to help keep your employees in the know.

4.Less than a quarter of people know exactly where the nearest fire extinguisher is at any given time

Having excellent evacuation diagrams in place reduces the negative impact of an emergency, preventing harm and business interruptions. Not only do evacuation diagrams tell you the location of the nearest fire equipment, they also offer a legend to help people better-understand the symbols on the diagram. Learn more about fire evacuation diagrams here.

5. Roughly one in ten people know that there are different types of fire extinguishers for different classes of fire

Understanding fire extinguisher colour codes is critical – only certain extinguishers should be used on certain kinds of fires. Getting this wrong can be very dangerous. You can locate the colour code of your fire extinguisher on the band around the canister. This label offers further information about the class of fire it should be used on.

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