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Fire Block Plans

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Fire Block Plan

As the name suggest Fire Block Plans specialise in Fire related drawings. All of our drawings are designed in accordance with the latest applicable standard.

Fire Alarm Block Plans

Fire Alarm Block Plans, commonly known as Zone Block Plans are required to be installed adjacent to the Fire Indicator Panel, Sub-FIP and Mimic Panels. This plan must show the location of the FIP as well as the area of each Fire Alarm Zone clearly marked.  – AS 1670.1

Evacuation Diagrams

Evacuation Diagrams are required in all buildings, structures or workplace that is, or may be, occupied by people. All Fire-fighting equipment must be marked with their locations in red, as well as the designated exits in the building which shall be marked in green. Each Evacuation Diagram is valid to a maximum of 5 years. – AS 3745 & OH&S 2011

Hydrant Block Plans

Hydrant block plans shall be located at the Booster, Fire Control Room and Pump Room and must be water & fade resistant. Each Fire Hydrant, Stop Valve,  and any other fire equipment of importance to the Fire Brigade must be clearly marked on a minimum A3 size. – AS 2419.1

Sprinkler Block Plans

Sprinkler block plans must be located at each set of installation control assemblies and must be water-resistant and fade-resistant. This shall include the layout of the protected areas and the position of the main stop valves clearly indicated. – AS 2118.1

Tactical Fire Plans

Tactical Fire Plans (TFP’s) are building/site plans installed within the Fire Control Room (FCR) or Fire Control Centre (FCC) showing the location of fire safety equipment & services.

All symbols must be in a standardised form & use correct colour coding/terminology.

Fire fighters utilise these plans to develop appropriate tactics to combat a fire or emergency situation.

EWIS Block Plans

EWIS block plans are installed adjacent the Main Emergency Control Panel (MECP) & each Sub Emergency Control Panel (SECP) . Each evacuation zone and WIP phone iis typically shown located on a layout of each floor of the building. – AS1670.4

Why choose

Fire Block Plans

By providing a complete service to all areas of Australia, Fire Block Plans offers you a hassle-free way to get the highest quality fire related drawings.

Whether you work in the Hydrant/Sprinkler or Fire Electrical industry, Building/Strata management, or anywhere else that requires fire drawings, this service is for you.

Our block plans are the best – we take pride in our work, and all our block plans have been originally designed to the highest standard. If you want any minor changes to your drawings or are not happy with anything, we’ll happily fix it for you at no extra cost.

At Fire Block Plans our customers come first. If you have a tight time frame, no worries! Let us know what you need and we’ll sort it out.


What is a block plan?

A block plan gives vital information to the fire brigade in case of emergency. This can be for a hydrant, sprinkler or fire detection system.

Where is a block plan required?

Fire Alarm block plans will be installed adjacent the FIP. Sprinkler block plans adjacent the Sprinkler Control Valve & Hydrant block plans adjacent the Hydrant Booster.

How much is a block plan?

Our block plans are starting from $150 and vary drastically depending on the amount of detail involved.

Do I need a block plan?

If you have a fire detection system, hydrant or sprinkler system you may need a block plan. Contact Us for more information and exact requirements.

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Fire Block Plans Reviews
Fire Block Plans have been assisting us with zone block plans for the last couple of years, we could not be happier with the service. It is a very quick turnaround with competitive pricing.  We know we can rely on FBP and provide our customers with a professional product.
Sally Priestley

General Manager at Approved Fire Gear, Newcastle, NSW

We were recommended Fire Block Plans from a local Townsville company for our new Regional Data Centre evacuation plans. The quick and reliable turnaround by Gordon and the FBP team was exceptional.
Brett Mann

Director at BBM Projects Consulting, Townsville, QLD

We reached out to Fire Block Plans needing a sprinkler block plan turned around within 3 days. Gordon gave us a list of information that was needed to create a compliant block plan & they turned this around within 48 hours. Will happily use them again should the need arise. Excellent communication through the entire process and excellent prices.

Rodney Matterson

Project Manager at TCQ Constructions, Chullora, NSW

We received a defect for one of our properties for not having a zone block plan. We reached out to Fire Block Plans and they explained exactly what it was and what information was required to meet Australian Standards. Their prices were very reasonable and the finished product looks great. Look forward to working with them on the next site.
Andrea Magro

D.M. Body Corporate, Werribee, VIC

I am Currently based as a building manager, within a premium asset in Melbourne that required upgrades to our site Evacuation plans . Due to works from a previous contract not being sufficient and non conformed. I sourced Fire Block Plans. Gordon was very responsive and helped us with the current design and layout for our complex with the final signs that had been missing. Great service and cost saving approach to help us out. Highly recommended and will consider in future sites.
Josh Crowhurst

Building Manager at Concept Blue Apartments, Melbourne, VIC

Great working with the team at FBP. Very efficient and produces good quality drawings at a very reasonable cost. Gordon has worked with us on several projects now producing everything from Shop Drawings, As-Builts, Block Plans, Evac drawings and Tactical Fire Plans.
Ben Joliffe

Service/Minor Works Manager at Beyond Fire, Melbourne, VIC

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