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Fire Alarm Block Plans

What is a

Fire Alarm Block Plan?

Fire alarm block plans, also known as zone block plans or fire detection block plans are diagrams clearly showing the fire detection zones in correspondence with the fire indicator panel.

Predominantly used by the fire brigade, the zone in alarm on the FIP will be located on the block plan to determine the area of the fire risk.

Additionally, the fire service company will use this to test detectors during their annual testing.

Who needs a 

Fire alarm Block Plan

Each FIP, Sub FIP or Mimic Panel is required to have a fire alarm block plan.

This includes all new installs as well as any older systems. These must be updated with renovations or with any changes to the fire alarm system.

Fire Alarm Block Plan


As per AS1670.1, fire alarm block plans must include the following information:

Layout of the building
Each fire alarm zone
Location of any relevant fire panels, fire fan control panels or emergency warning control panels
Main Electrical Switchboard
Notice stating ‘In the event of fire ring 000 to ensure fire service response’
You Are Here clearly marked with the correct building orientation

Fire Alarm Block Plans

How much does it cost?

Our fire alarm block plans are starting from $150.

There are several factors influencing the cost of our zone block plans including:

Is there a floor plan available? DWG, PDF, Image etc.
How many stories is the building?
Total quantity of fire alarm zones
What finish are you after? PDF copy, Laminated paper, Aluminium Composite etc.
Is the information available or will a site visit required?

Fire block plans

How can we help?

New Systems

We will work with you to collect the required information to ensure your block plan is 100% compliant.

Existing Systems

If the required information is not available we will attend site to gather the information to ensure your block plan is compliant.

our clients

what they say

Fire Block Plans Reviews
Fire Block Plans have been assisting us with zone block plans for the last couple of years, we could not be happier with the service. It is a very quick turnaround with competitive pricing.  We know we can rely on FBP and provide our customers with a professional product.
Sally Priestley

General Manager at Approved Fire Gear, Newcastle, NSW

We received a defect for one of our properties for not having a zone block plan. We reached out to Fire Block Plans and they explained exactly what it was and what information was required to meet Australian Standards. Their prices were very reasonable and the finished product looks great. Look forward to working with them on the next site.
Andrea Magro

D.M. Body Corporate, Werribee, VIC

After receiving an extravagant quote from another company we found Fire Block Plans through a Google search. Their staff called us right away to discuss what was required for our fire alarm block plan and provide a quote. In less than 10 days they had attended site to establish the information and created the block plan in accordance with Australian Standards. Our experience with Fire Block Plans was excellent and we would happily recommend them to potential customers.
Andrew Ashdown

Strata Chairman at Poets Grove, Elwood, VIC

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