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60 Reservoir Street

IB Property

Date December 2019
Company IB Property
Products Evacuation Diagrams

The Overview

Holly from IB Property contacted us via our website enquiring about an Emergency Evacuation Plan for a property she managed – 60 Reservoir St, Sydney. This consisted of 12 Evacuation Diagrams installed in silver snap-lock frames as well as a written emergency response plan provided in PDF format.

The Project

60 Reservoir St, Sydney is a commercial property consisting of multiple tenancies spread across 6 levels. The only floor plans available were a shell style strata plan so a full mark-up was required including walls, doors etc. as well as all fire/safety equipment.

No previous emergency plan was in place so we determined the most suitable assembly area & locations to install each evacuation diagram – 12 in total.

The Company

IB Property are a Sydney Based property management firm, specialising in facility & asset management, for residential & commercial properties.

The Process

Holly reached out to us advising the building at 60 Reservoir required an emergency evacuation plan. We arranged a site visit to investigate & mark-up for the evacuation diagrams and establish information for the written emergency response plan.

Once a draft was completed we sent them to Holly to show the tenants to ensure everyone was happy & once approved we had them framed & returned to install the signs in accordance with AS3745.

The written emergency response plan was completed & submitted to Holly in PDF format to give to all tenancies.

Project Summary

Holly’s assistance throughout this process was excellent & it was our pleasure working with her & IB Property.