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Fire Sprinkler Block Plans

What is a

Fire Sprinkler Block Plans?

Fire sprinkler block plans are diagrams clearly showing the fire sprinkler protected areas, stop valves, operating instructions & other relevant system information.

Predominantly used by the fire brigade to establish isolation & alarm valve locations, hazard class & protected areas of each sprinkler installation.

Fire service companies will reference this to flow test ensuring the system complies with the required flow/pressure rates.

Sprinkler block plans are to be water & fade resistant. This does not include laminated paper.

Who needs a

Sprinkler Block Plan

Sprinkler block plans must be installed at each set of installation control assemblies or group of valves.

Fire Brigade generally expect a sprinkler block plan at the sprinkler booster & Fire Indicator Panel (FIP).

This includes all new & existing systems. Sprinkler block plans must be updated with any system alterations or upgrades.

Fire Sprinkler Block Plan


As per AS2118.1, fire sprinkler block plans must include the following information:
Layout of the protected buildings or open yards & adjacent streets
Location of pumps, storage tanks, isolation valves, test valves, booster assemblies
Towns mains size & location
Main electrical switchboard, distribution boards, sub-stations
Local fire station details
Location of replacement sprinklers
Highest sprinkler above alarm valve
Emergency Operating Instructions
Protected area hazard class & design density for that area
You Are Here clearly marked with the correct building orientation
System specifications – flow/pressure rates, install/modification details

Fire Sprinkler Block Plans

How much does it cost?

Our fire sprinkler block plans are starting from $200.

There are several factors influencing the cost of our sprinkler block plans including:

Is there a floor plan available? DWG, PDF, Image etc.
How many stories is the building?
How many plans in total? Booster/Pump/Control room etc.
What finish are you after? PDF copy, Aluminium Composite etc.
Is the information available or will a site visit required?

Fire block plans

How can we help?

New Systems

We will work with you to collect the required information to ensure your block plan is 100% compliant.

Existing Systems

If the required information is not available we will attend site to gather the information to ensure your block plan is compliant.

our clients

what they say

Fire Block Plans Reviews

We reached out to Fire Block Plans needing a sprinkler block plan turned around within 3 days. Gordon gave us a list of information that was needed to create a compliant block plan & they turned this around within 48 hours. Will happily use them again should the need arise. Excellent communication through the entire process and excellent prices.

Rodney Matterson

Project Manager at TCQ Constructions, Chullora, NSW

During our AFSS, we were advised that we needed block plans for our hydrant, sprinkler & fire detection systems. We had services drawings available for all systems that we were able to send them to assist in creating the plans. Fire Block Plans helped us understand the exact requirements & completed the block plans within a few weeks. The plans were made up on Aluminium Composite Material and delivered for us to install. Our experience overall was fantastic & we would highly recommend Fire Block Plans to anyone needing block plans completed for existing buildings.
Darryl Hecker

Building Manager at Regency Hyde Park, Sydney, NSW

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