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What is AS 3745:2010 all about?

Aug 11, 2021

Australian Standard 3745-2010 is a crucial Australian safety standard and it’s critical that you comply.

AS 3745-2010 has been created to help workplaces plan for emergencies, reduce their risk and improve safety should a critical event occur. This Standard is detailed, and requires compliance by Australian law. How you must comply will also depend on the unique circumstances of your business and the workplace environment of your building. To help you better understand this Standard and what it means, we’ve put together this guide:


What does AS 3745:2010 refer to?

AS 3745:2010: “Planning for Emergencies in Facilities” is the official reference that Australian businesses and workplaces must use when planning for emergency situations. It provides a summary of the minimum requirements you must have in place when developing an emergency plan for your facility, workplace or building. Following AS 3745:2010 as closely as possible can help you keep up with government compliance, avoid penalties and most importantly, keep those who visit your building as safe as possible in an emergency. It features information about how to prepare for emergencies and how to deal with emergencies in various situations and scenarios. It also coincides with Australia’s Workplace Health and Safety Act (2011) and  Safe Work Australia’s Code of Practice on Managing the Work Environment and Facilities. 


What does AS 3745:2010 outline, specifically?

AS 3745:2010 includes guidelines that you must follow as part of the emergency planning and response process at your building or facility. This includes:

  • How to identify emergencies 
  • Emergency Plans, Emergency Response Procedures, and how to develop them
  • Emergency Planning Committees, Emergency Control Organisations and their responsibilities and training requirements
  • How to identify emergencies
  • Testing and validating Emergency Response Procedures
  • Other training related to emergencies


What are the requirements for Evacuation Diagrams?

Australian Standards AS3745 details the requirements for Evacuation Diagrams. Anyone conducting a business or undertaking a facility must have Emergency Evacuation Diagrams throughout their workplace. AS3745:2010 lists the requirements for these evacuation diagrams. It lays out the Minimum Elements that you absolutely must have if you are a building manager, property owner or operate a business that has visitors or occupants. AS3745 also states these diagrams must:

  • Show the location of fire equipment, designated exit points, emergency assembly points and evacuation routes
  • Be displayed in obvious positions along the evacuation route of the facility
  • Be oriented based on the layout of the building
  • Be reviewed every five years.


What are the requirements for Emergency Response Training?

In the event of an emergency, panic sets in which is why it is vital that staff are trained and familiar in their roles & responsibilities prior to an emergency.

In accordance with AS3745 emergency training should be conducted for:

  • The Emergency Planning Committee (at least 1 member)
  • The Emergency Control Organisation
  • For occupants and visitors of the facility

The types of training required will vary between different workplaces however the frequency of training should be in accordance with AS3745. 


Don’t forget: compliance is your responsibility! 

The responsibility of meeting your obligations to AS 3745:2010 is on you, if you are a building manager, property owner or operate a business that has visitors or occupants – it’s that simple. Failure to comply will result in legal and financial penalties. Even more importantly, it’s crucial to remember why these Standards exist: to protect people. To keep those in the workplace safe from preventable injuries, harm and even death. 


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