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Fire Extinguisher Training – Why give your staff hands on training?

3 Mar, 2020

Having fire equipment is one thing, but knowing how to use it is another.

Training your staff in the use of fire equipment could mean the difference between a blaze that’s extinguished quickly or one that spreads out of control. Hands on fire extinguisher training will not only help your employees in the correct use of fire extinguishers, it will also help them identify most suitable extinguisher for each kind of fire. Not convinced about the value of this investment? Here are some of the top reasons this training is necessary:

Minimising any damage caused

Fires can quickly spread out of control in the nick of time. Mere seconds can do a lifetime of damage. The most important timeframe are the moments where a fire is still small and manageable. During which, untrained individuals are likely to waste time fumbling to work the extinguisher, or trying to work out which extinguisher is the correct one. Meanwhile, trained individuals can confidently extinguish the fire and return the premises to safety. Learning this hands on is the most effective solution.

Different risks, different equipment

Many people think extinguishers are a one-size-fits all affair. They think they’ll quickly be able to figure out how the equipment works because the instructions are printed on the canister. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Extinguisher products come in several different classes, designed to fight the numerous types of fires. At times, using the wrong type, or using the right kind incorrectly, can be even more dangerous than using none at all.

More effective evacuation

Did you know only half of building occupants are confident in their evacuation plans? Evacuation plans ensure all staff are familiar with their roles & responsibilities. By becoming familiar with the emergency evacuation plan & evacuation diagrams this can reduce the chance of risk should an emergency occur. Evacuation diagrams detail the location of fire extinguishers and other equipment in the premises, helping you access it faster and more effectively, helping everyone get to safety in the safest, quickest and most efficient way.

Preventing risks all together

Prevention is always better than a cure. Having adequate hands-on fire safety training reduces the risk of starting a fire in the first place, eliminating damage caused in the very first instance. It’s crucial to train and maintain training in the prevention of fires, in line with the unique risks present to your premises and business.

Do you feel like your staff are equipped to manage a fire, should the risk present itself? If the answer is no, it’s probably time to amp your training regimen. Fire Block Plans is here to help you and your team. Our highly-qualified experts will help find a suitable emergency evacuation plan, no matter how unique your requirements may be. Contact us today for more information.